Monday, 3 December 2007

Finding a good open source UML tool?

Ok we all want to design good software. Anyway for a new idea I had in mind, I wanted to design it properly instead of the usual fire-fight test and develop method, so I went in search for some tools which will help me detail a uml design.

As a good start I found the following page which lists many of the available tools with their features and limitations.

oose Innovative Informatik

Some of the tools are instantly recogniseable as I worked with several of them such as Enterprise Architect and Rational Rose. But funds are tight and if there is a free alternative up to the job then so much the better..

I then waded through the ones which claim to have no limitation to find an open source tool which would meet my requirements of developing a full enterprise level application.


This looks very good pretty much I was looking for. Supports c# and php code generation. Reverse engineering is only java, but thats ok. It doesn't allow you to create database schemas like enterprise architect so will need to find another tool for that.


Unfortunately this only generates code in c++ and therefore is no use really for me. Although it seems simple to use which is definitely a benefit!

Umbrello UML Modeller

Great for linux! Has many of the features that ArgoUML has and seems to have a pretty useable interface.


Another really good tool with lots of support. It also allows c# reverse engineering and has a series of additional modules such as non-functional requirements modelling and web extensions.


Interesting application but doesn't have everything I require.

I find this blog as well which had some interesting pointers: geekswithblogs



Adam Hicks said...

Just found out that ArgoUML has an add-in module for database uml modelling :)

antonyh said...

You could also try out Topcased,

I'm looked at this briefly, and it seems feature-rich and stable.